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Secure Core Solutions team brings with it not only 18 plus years of experience in the recycling industry, but hundreds of contacts with decision makers for their respective companies. This experience is highlighted by an impeccable reputation for going above and beyond for those companies, which will ultimately help us secure future business. Our team of professionals set us apart with their professionalism, attention to detail and passion for doing good. We have an eclectic and talented group of individuals contributing to the success of SecureCore Solutions through both their vast knowledge and their sheer enthusiasm for who and what we are trying to care for; our disabled community and our environment.

Mari Anna Johnson

Secure Core Solutions – Chief Executive Officer & Advisory Board
Help the World Foundation – Board of Directors

After being raised in Indiana and attending Indiana University, Mari Anna moved to the warmth of California. While there, Mari Anna established herself as a successful business woman working in both the logistics and insurance industries. Mari Anna maintained her dedication to children’s welfare despite her active professional life, devoting countless volunteer hours to organizations such as 44 Women for Orangewood Children’s Home, African Child Foundation, Assistance League Newport Mesa, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Olive Crest for Abused and Neglected Children.

Desiring to continue her devotion to more meaningful pursuits, Mari Anna returned to Indiana with the desire to apply her vast business expertise and relentless drive to improve the lives of others. Upon returning to Indiana, Mari Anna jumped in feet first volunteering at The Julian Center, 100 Women Who Care INDY and serving as a Court Appointed Child Advocate. Mari Anna is also a dedicated single Mom who never misses the opportunity to volunteer at her daughter’s school and extracurriculars.

Mari Anna aggressively pursued and negotiated the 10 year contract with CyclePoint through SourceAmerica knowing that this alliance would ensure the success of two of her dreams; to improve the environment around her by means of recycling and repurposing on a grand scale and to meet this end by supplying job training and employment to those who are disabled yet enthusiastic about the opportunity to work.

Because of Mari Anna’s determination and vision, CyclePoint has already been guaranteed Secure Core Solutions five e-cycling facilities in five different cities and a 300 mile radius surrounding them. Mari Anna already has her eyes set to expand and be present in all major markets within a four year period.

She has vetted many aspirants searching for the ideal candidate to aid her in fulfilling these goals; someone with vast e-cycling and non-profit experience along with the character and heart worthy of working hand in hand with our disabled co-workers. Finding the consummate candidate came after an involved undertaking but resulted in the hiring of her Director of Operations, Craig Franklin.

Craig Franklin

Secure Core Solutions – Director of Operations

With over 18 years of experience in recycling, Craig Franklin brings knowledge and expertise of the e-cycling industry to Secure Core. Craig spent 5 years as a Plant Manager at Shares Shredding and Recycling, a non-profit organization that employed adults with disabilities. During his time there, Craig quickly became skilled within all areas of the recycling industry including plant recycling and fulfillment operations, shipping and receiving, maintenance, production, and safety adherence. Furthermore, their program provided jobs and income to persons with disabilities, requiring Craig to learn an invaluable skill for Secure Core, employing and working with the disabled.

His prior experience with recycling and employment of individuals with disabilities makes Craig the perfect candidate for overseeing operations at Secure Core Solutions.
While working with Shares, it became illegal for any household, business, or school to dispose of any electronic waste, so he immersed himself in learning anything and everything about electronics recycling. In late 2011 he developed and implemented an electronics recycling program for their participants. He was able to procure electronics waste from the existing client base while also picking up new clients including eight Solid Waste Districts and several schools. In 2012, their program was presented with the Governor’s Award for “District Contractor and Non Profit Categories” through the Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts.

After his tenure at Shares, Craig went on to run the electronics recycling program for Trinity Metals in Indianapolis. Within three months Craig was able to quadruple their monthly revenue. He did this through optimizing procedures, setting attainable targets and teaching and reinforcing all aspects of the electronics recycling program.
In 2013, Craig started his own Electronics Recycling business, Veritech Solutions as he saw the potential in focusing on the local markets to collect these discarded electronics. He was responsible for all day to day operations of his company which included, sales, marketing, pickups, demanufacturing, shipping and receiving and reporting and tracking materials. He was able to secure steady growth while delivering outstanding customer service and providing top of the line products.

Craig is enthusiastic about combining all of his knowledge and talents into being an integral part in the growth and success of Secure Core Solutions.